restaurant-guestsYour guests expect nothing but the best. You can run a beach-side hot-dog stand or a 5 star restaurant, your guests are going to expect to be treated like royalty. You have a winning chance from the beginning because you know what the guests expect, just give it to them. Flip-flops to the suit and tie, if that’s what you accept coming in the front door then treat the most relaxed atmosphere like the highest setting and if anything this will bring your customers back in. It’s all people want when dining is to be treated with respect and care. Care is going to come within each and every aspect of your business. If you don’t care then not many under you are going to care either. Once you have this frame of mind you lose. Give it up, don’t look back.

Caring about your customers should come easy, when you or your employees don’t care it’s going to cost you serious money. It’s much better collecting a $100 check than comping a $100 table. You decided to get into customer service so you have to care how someone is treated and feels. Many times if you treat your guests the way you would like to be treated everything should be fine. There’s always going to be the unhappy customer regardless as to how hard you or your staff try, the customer is miserable with or without your service. Accepting this fact and moving on knowing you did everything in your power will save the situation and your own self-esteem.

In many cases if your protocol revolves around a ‘positive guest experience’ and your servers are trained in this, you shouldn’t have a problem. The key here is in the training. It all moves from higher up and flows downhill. You have to train your top employees to be the best of the best and maintain that under any circumstance. A cool head and calm demeanor in most cases can turn a bad experience into an ‘acceptable’ one. No matter how hard a business tries, nothing is perfect, it never was and never can be. The most important part of everyone’s job while controlling costs is trying to get as close to perfect as one can.

This involves and starts with you, the business owner, the GM, the managers and even crew leaders. Everyone has a delegated authority and if the plan is instituted from the top it shouldn’t change when it meets that last one in line, mainly being the guest. That guest is the revolving revenue that every restaurant owner vies for and thrives for. This is the re-occurring revenue that will help maintain the business an hopefully produce the profits you’re looking for.

Everything about your guests experience is going to make or break you. This goes for showing your very first guest of the day the same exact treatment as your last of the evening. You and your crew have to understand this. Many times it’s the deciding factor whether or not that guest is going to come back. Are you ready for the first guest of the day? or Are you pushing your last guests of the night out the door. Either of these scenarios can make or break you. If you’re late getting started every day or your employees have somewhere to go every night, revamp, regroup, do something because it’s ‘not’ the recipe for success that you’ll need.

Guest are everything, they’re your incoming revenue, they’re your word of mouth, they’re your best marketing tool your restaurant has. You have have total control as to how they’re going to react inside and outside your business. Make sure they leave telling everyone how good they were treated and how everything was ‘the best in town’. This is the key to a successful restaurant and one of the main ingredients to controlling costs and turning your investment into profit.